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Pure water runs life! Without purity, your decision is not wise. RO Water Purifiers the solution to safe drinking water. Such water purification solution providers are we, Aqua Charger. Running a RO company in Delhi Since 2003, that offers all services linked to RO systems.

Whether for the commercial, personal or industrial purposes we have all in all different products of RO System and RO Spare Parts. The manufacturing and production of items include all the high-grade & premium material. We are delivering a different range of products that has the highest capacity filtration & purification parts that are capable of changing hard water into safe drinking water. Moreover, the customers who are opting Water purifiers for the home can receive an advantage of using the RO water Purifier even without power. The best advantage of buying online RO water systems is, you get the services at your doorstep. We offer Domestic RO System, Commercial RO, and Industrial RO products and services in Delhi with the aim of customer satisfaction and easiness in their life. You will get early servicing facilities. ” Hassle-free services with no issues”. You can contact our expert any time for RO Repairing services. Have a happy and safe drinking water taste! that’s our goal.

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RO Water Purifier

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Features Of RO Water Purifier

  • Compact design requires less space for installation.

  • Fully automatic operation with auto-start and auto-off.

  • Does not use any chemical to treat your water.

  • Operate within 160-280V AC.

  • 8-18 liters of purified water storage capacity that makes water available on demand.

Advantages of RO Water Purifier

  • Enhances taste of water by removing undesirable heavy salts and chemicals.

  • Removes hardness of water, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, chlorine, color, and other organic impurities.

  • Controls water-borne diseases such as dynsentery, jaundice, diarrhea, typhoid, indigestion, stone and constipation.

  • TDS Control System retains essentials Minerals in water.

  • Even bore-well or hard water can be processed.

  • Provides pure, tasty and hygienic drinking water.