If you are planning to install Commercial RO water purifiers you must take care of the few factors that its filtration system, quality, and its testing. When you call a person to install water purifiers in your house you must have a test of the RO System. They purify, filter, and clean the water before you consume it. It is very necessary to get them installed at your houses. They are not much costly and affordable. Clean drinking water is everyone’s right.

So, in this article, we will be looking at the most common question that people ask before buying Commercial RO System.

Do we require to test the water quality?

Yes, it’s very important to test the water quality. The water quality can be tested by seeing the 5 stages of filtration in Commercial RO System. There 5 filtration process which takes place first the water is provided into your system. Then it’s pre-filtered. After that segmentation filter doest its work to remove all the toxic substances. Then pre carbon filters remove all the metals and salts from the water. Then it goes to the RO membrane where left out metals and salts from the water. making it perfect to drink. TDS meter is provided to to you check the water is pure for drinking or not.

Which is the feature we should look before buying Commercial RO?

  • Follows 100-300 TD level of water purification
  • The 4 stages of filtration of water must be carries out in a proper way
  • TDS meter should be available
  • RO membrane must be of good quality
  • Uses a cross-filtration process
  • The warranty period of 1 year
  • Flow restrictor needs to be there

These are some of the important features that should be available in your Commercial RO System.

What will be the cost of buying the RO System online?

The RO System online cost will depend on your requirement of how much liters you want to buy. It’s all on your commercial use. If we start from 25 LPH RO then that cost usually starts from somewhat Rs.17,000. Otherwise, it’s all on your requirement and how much LPH you want to buy. But you can buy them at most affordable cost than the market place.

Do we require to change filters and other parts in regular periods?

All the Commercial RO works in the same direction. They need to be changed every year or we should say that you must get its service every year. The reason is they also required cleaning to work efficiently in long terms. That’s why you must change its filters from time to time. There is various such systems which comes with an alarm to change the filters.

Does Commercial RO System retain the important mineral for the body?

Yes, they do remove all the salts and heavy metals from the water making it hard to soft and drinking water. It assures that all the impurities are dissolved and good minerals like calcium to stay in the water.

These are such question which is answerable before buying RO System.