If you wish that your RO water filter runs for long without causing problem for you, then you need to maintain it properly ad regularly. It has been noticed that a reverse osmosis drinking water system will last for many years approximately 10 to 15 years if it is regularly cleaned, checked and its parts are repaired (if required) on a regular interval.

Change Filter regularly

Filter is an important component of any RO System and need to pay attention to the filter change schedule. You need to check user manual for the same. Every RO has 3,4,5 stages, so it is essential to find out exactly what filters are in each stage of your RO system by going through owner’s manual. You need to pay careful attention to when each one of these filters is due for replacement.

One of the biggest reasons of filter change is the contaminants from water which clog the filters and affects it functioning. If you ignore RO check on time, the filtration capacity and the quality of water is affected which are later transferred to your drinking water if you continue using these contaminated filters without changing them. That’s why it is more than a necessity to schedule filter change on a regular basis.

Types of filters in RO water purifiers

  1. Sediment Filter: This is the pre-filter which has been designed to remove silt, dirt and sediment. This is an important filtration stage as it protects dirt from getting to the RO membranes which are delicate and made for molecular level purification. Your sediment filter needs to be changed after every 1 years depending upon how heavy your water is. If you pay no heed to sediment filter and don’t change them when required, then dirt and silt will reach RO membranes, clogging its pores and resulting them foul.
  2. Carbon Filter: Carbon filter has been designed to remove chlorine from the water. It is also significant for removing other harmful chemicals from the water that can badly affect the performance and life of RO membranes which are too delicate. It also affects the taste and odor of the water obtained. That’s why you should change the filter as per schedule and replace it if you notice any problem in your water filter.

Apart from this, if you think water in your area has major contamination, then you should sanitize and recharge your RO water purifier annually. You can also get it cleaned at the time of filter change as it will give a whole new performance to your RO.