A universal lesson that we have been taught since our preliminary education is about the importance of water. It is general knowledge that earth is made up of 30% of land and 70% water. Just to emphasize the importance of water further, we human beings are comprised of about 60% water in our body. Naturally, human beings lose water through various excretory processes. That’s why we need to take water at regular intervals.

Why water treatment?

When we drink water, we also consume a variety of wanted and unwanted particles closely associated with the water molecules. The word unwanted particles are quite self-explanatory. These are potentially harmful solid or liquid particles, almost unnoticeable to the average human eye, dissolved or suspended in the water we drink. For the proper functioning of the human system, it is paramount to remove these harmful particles before marking the water suitable for consumption. This is the basis for the concept of water purification.

Problems with water purification processes

Standard water purification seems like a simple solution until you bring these ‘wanted’ particles into the fold. These ‘wanted’ particles are essentially traced amounts of mineral salts. Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and most other common elemental salts are a crucial part of our diet. Water carries these salts is our drinking water. Even in the smallest of quantities, these salts are necessity for the proper functioning of our body. Water treatment involves the most conventional procedures like water boiling, candle filtration, and many more that do not differentiate between the harmful particles and minerals salts. Here comes the significance of RO water purifiers which works on special RO systems.

Working of RO Systems and RO Water Purifiers

The ‘RO’ is an abbreviation for Reverse Osmosis. The forte of RO System lies in the fact that it involves a certain aspect of size selectivity that is to be purified. Contrary to the process of osmosis, whereby chemical concentration is the filtering parameter, RO water purifiers use several filtering membranes, whereby pressure is used to separate the water particles. These particles move through the pores while the larger harmful particles get entrapped and separated. Pore size range starts from a hundredth of a micrometre. The most mineral particles comfortably fit between the pores and the larger harmful particles are efficiently segregated. Thus, RO systems in RO water purifiers assure a good quality of drinking water that also supplies all the nutrients needed for body functioning as well.

In this race of life, it is very necessary to keep the body fit and functioning to be first in line. In this sense, the introduction of RO water purifiers has been an absolute boon, and you should look into investing in one, as soon as possible.