It’s 2020 and we all know that all of us are facing the hard times of coronavirus that is “COVID-19” and its very important to care for your health at this point. So, due to lockdown many of you are not able to get service done for your RO Water Purifier. Water Purifier is largely in use and the best water filtration process in the world. The importance of getting them to install is to remove all the salts, toxic substances, metals, and other impurities. Those who have purchased RO Water Purifier online get manual for it working and cleaning. Read carefully!

So, in this article, we will be focusing on how to maintain & get servicing done.

Maintaining the RO Water Purifier Techniques

To keep them efficiently working especially at the time COVID-19 follows some techniques. There are various filters that you need to check and clean them to the proper flowing of water and perform different steps of filtration. Usually, there are filter change alarms set but if they are not there following these ways of cleaning:

Pleated Sediment (Sand) Filter

They need to get a change in every 12 months, a popular pre-filter. It eliminates sand and dirt from water plus hinders the dirt to enter the Ro membrane. You can call it a net that catches all the debris & other particles. You can use oxalic acid or baking soda paste or vinegar for scrubbing down with a soft brush. After that, you can soak in the bleach solution were to add 1 spoon of bleach to plenty of water and keep it or for 10-15 minutes.

Carbon Filter

You can find 2 carbon filters infiltration system, they have a function to eliminate all the salts like chloride that can in future effecting the running of water through the RO membrane. It takes care of the taste & smells of water. so, this needs to get clean in every 90 days. You can easily do that at home. Just take a bucket full of warm water to add dish washing detergent o it and keep for 15-20 minutes. Do rinse it as well, so that all the dust removes properly and soak it under the sunlight.

RO membrane

It has the most important responsibility in purification because it removes all the heavy metals and the Best way to reduce TDS from drinking water. And most importantly it’s the most expensive part as well. So, its cleaning requires careful working. Use bottle brushes with detergent and rinse the membrane well with warm water and then keep it in a bleach mic solution for 10 minutes. Be careful while doing so.

Follow these steps to gets service done at homes only but just for this quarantine time. It can be a temporary solution. At this point keeping your immune system strong drinking lots of water will eliminate all the toxins from the body and hinders reaching the immune system. Shop for RO Water Purifier today!

So, pick the one which kills all harmful disease-causing bacteria & other contamination’s and retains the mineral & bacteria which are good for the body.